Work-In-Progress: Exams Under Anesthesia (EUA) Graphics

“Exams Under Anaesthesia (EUA) Graphics: Equity and Neurodiversity in the Operating Room” is a project undertaken by Dr. Anamaria Richardson and the UBC Comic Studies Cluster that sought nine cartoonists to create nine short (8–12 page) comics based on interviews with the parents of neurodiverse children on their experience in the BC healthcare system.

Applications for the project started on September 1st, and the artists were notified of their selection on September 5th. On September 21st, the artists participated in a one-day workshop at BC Children’s Hospital. They had ongoing conversations with parents, Dr. Anamaria Richardson, Dr. Elizabeth Nijdam of the CSC, and keynote speaker Rebecca Burgess. Rebecca Burgess is a freelance comic artist and illustrator living in the UK whose expertise has guided artists as they develop their 8–12-page comics.

On Friday, November 17, the artists completed a review session with Rebecca Burgess, where they received feedback on their in-progress drafts and clarity on their doubts and questions.

Excerpts of the in-progress works of our artists can be found below:

1] Artist Spotlight: Katherine Chupik-Hall

2] Artist Spotlight: Jing-Wen Yuan

3] Artist Spotlight: Angela Schmold

By February 29th, final versions of the graphic narratives are due, and by May 2024, the artist’s work will be exhibited at the BC Children’s Hospital.