About Us

Welcome to the UBC Comics Studies Cluster 

Comic art and the study of its content, methods, distribution, and pedagogical value have become increasingly visible in higher education. Comics are an important medium for knowledge creation and have been established as an essential format for reaching diverse audiences and tackling difficult subject matter. However, as a field, it lacks an institutional centre that might offer the structure and support for the collaborative work necessary to advance rigorous academic study. With UBC comics researchers, practitioners, and teachers in disciplines as varied as Education, German Studies, Classical Studies, Creative Writing, English, and the Romance Languages, comics studies at UBC are present but diffuse. Moreover, many UBC faculty members are interested in learning more about what comics and graphic novels might offer to their teaching and research, but they don’t know where to turn with their questions and potential projects for collaboration. The UBC Comics Studies Cluster supports academic and public-facing scholarship in Comics Studies at UBC. We connect with artist practitioners in Vancouver (Cloudscape Comics Collective, Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, etc.) to support the work of comics creators locally while developing a network of Canadian comics scholars with UBC as an important centre for the study of comic art.